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Dr. Eric Schoen
Naturopathic Physician

Contact Dr. Schoen directly to schedule an appointment at (206) 350-7705

Dr Eric Schoen is a functional medicine and naturopathic physician in Washington State.  He graduated from Bastyr Medical School with a focus in Integrative Oncology and Complex Chronic Illness. Over the last three years, he has specialized in serving patients with advanced cancers and complex conditions ranging from SIBO, MCAS to various hormone irregularities. He has administered and compounded thousands of intravenous infusions in the treatment of chronic illnesses and is well versed in nutrient therapies and therapeutic diets.

Well versed in functional lab testing and interpretation, he is committed to using these tools for serving the chronically ill to help all patients get to where they want to be -- no matter their current state of health.

Dr. Schoen treats a broad range of acute and chronic conditions, specializing in chronic infections, integrative oncology, men's and women's sexual and hormonal health, and regenerative medicine.

He believes in a systems approach that takes into account your symptoms, genetics, environment, social health, and numerous other factors to guide your treatment. Dr. Schoen fully investigates whole-person medicine and is focused on using medicine that works -- natural, conventional, and anything in between -- to get you feeling your best self. He recognizes additionally that every person is truly unique and every treatment is tailored to you.


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